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NBU – National Business University, an institution in which a professional preparation is acquired according to the world needs.

We are an institution with values where, in addition to professional and human development, culture, sports and actions are promoted for the benefit of the community.

We always work to maintain ourselves as a forward-thinking university, in which we believe in the young people and everyone who chooses us as an alma mater, who honor with their effort to this house of studies.

New students, who are studying here and are graduating here, feel proud to belong to the NBU – National Business University as we are proud of you and to be part of this institution.

Welcome. We wish you success and that your stay in this institution will leave you unforgettable experiences.

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The BBA program is innovative and rigorous; includes advanced modules for specific topics, concentrate business and allows students to become familiar with the basic knowledge and incorporate the latest trends in management.

This program is aimed to prepare intermediate and superior administrative pictures which are necessary to establish academic, administrative and organizational conditions.

Our PhD in Business Administration is designed for executives who wish to apply research-based thinking to business topics.


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Students learn what they need to learn and not what they already know. This fundamental premise allows the students enrolled at National Business University save time, energy, and money. Our education system is therefore, practical, motivating, and continuously updated.