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National Business University wants its research and teaching to have a positive impact on society. In their efforts to achieve this, many of our researchers collaborate with university and societal partners, the business sector and the general public.

University network

The university of the future will be mainly a university network. This is becoming increasingly evident as universities realize that they can only achieve their ambitions through cooperation with others. As a result, collaboration and the exchange of knowledge are increasingly important as central concepts in the academic world.

NBU have an ambitious plan to promote convergence among countries in education. The most common experience among companies with this type of collaboration is to offer paid internships to students in the last years of their career. In general, they are assigned to specific projects and their performance is evaluated. Depending on the needs of the company, and the ability and behavior of students, in many of the companies that use this type of cooperation, there is the possibility that students or recent graduates become part of the staff at the end of their Practice period.

Open attitude

The University promotes an open attitude towards both internal and external parties and a climate of open innovation.

International partnerships in which National Business University participates


National Business School, established in 2007, offers graduate and postgraduate degrees in business administration, first level certifications, and distinctive degrees in science. Throughout its history, the School of Business has fostered an environment focused on learning and a sense of community for its students, teachers and staff. The graduate and undergraduate programs of the Business School are offered in a Teaching Blending model supported by virtual platform and the case method.

At National Business School the work ethic is evident and where there really is added value for students, many of whom are among the first generation of their families to attend college. National Business School provides access and opportunities for individuals and facilitates their preparation for successful careers and productive and fulfilling lives. National Business School represents a new type of institution in Latin America, where the professional goals of traditional students are optimized through professionally focused undergraduate and graduate programs that have a broad base of general education.

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At Universidad Aztlán, he works under the firm objective of being the factor of change to improve the living conditions of society and in particular of our university community.

This is how, over the years, they have worked for the growth of their physical facilities, but in academic programs. At present, there are two campuses in the State of Morelos. The first is located in the city of Cuernavaca and the second, in the city of Cuautla. In them, we not only have students from our State, but also students from neighboring States and other parts of the Mexican Republic, as well as students from other countries.

In 2011, they started a virtual education with the desire to take their academic programs to all of Latin America with online degree, so they sign a cooperation agreement with our institution in order to develop and disseminate education and culture at a general level between both institutions; achieve the exchange of professors, researchers and students; and develop by common agreement courses, seminars, conferences and workshops, among others.


NUL University is a provider of non-formal education. Non-formal education programs do not follow the contents and requirements established by a Ministry of Education.

NUL non-formal online learning higher education programs are unique, non-traditional and not accredited by the U.S. Department of Education. Officially validated degrees are required for certain government positions and professional licensure. NUL online learning degrees can´t be used for these purposes.

NUL University´s online degrees can, be internationally legalized with The Hague Apostille Certificate or Consulate Legalization (for non-Hague signatory countries) for their use and validation in many countries. This legalization process officially authenticates the signatures and the legality and validity of the documents issued by National University of Lugo.

The criteria for official degree validation can vary from country to country. This legalization process does not necessarily guarantee the final acceptance of the NUL degree programs because the Hague Apostille Certificate or Consulate Legalization may be just one of the several requirements for the final official recognition.



Private institution with educational program at a higher level in Mexico whose mission is integral training leaders capable of adapting to the demands of the global market through innovative academic programs. Its commitment is to academic excellence, use of technologies, attention and service to internal and external customers, comprehensive risk management in a sustainable environment; seeking the constant growth of both students and teachers, under face-to-face and non-face-to-face education adapted to the needs of the individual and constant advancement in technology.

Our mission as an academic institution is to strengthen ties of collaboration with institutions inside and outside the country, with which we have a fundamental objective to promote the development and dissemination of education and culture at a general level between both institutions and in particular, the development of teaching superior and scientific and technological research.

Achieving the exchange of professors, researchers and students through the training and development of teachers and researchers through agreements of specific cooperation and developing by common agreement courses, seminars, conferences and workshops, among others.


Onitsha Business School (OBS) is an initiative designed to harness appropriate educational resources to develop and train the massive pool of commercial, industrial and entrepreneurial talents in and around the commercial city of Onitsha.

While its establishment has been triggered by the peculiar and specific needs of the city and Anambra state, Nigeria in particular, its focus and mission is to become a widely acclaimed Center of educational excellence delivering a strategically crafted range of leadership, vocational and business related academic, professional and skills based programs to a selected category of prospective students

This school takes students beyond the classroom to understand the practical realities of the business world . The Capabilities of managers and leaders are enhanced to address challenges.People are exposed to leading edge-thinking and by that ensure that businesses have the strategic drive to succeed.