Guarantees & Objectives


The Dean and Academic Coordinator who are responsible of quality assurance of classes in order to guarantee the fulfillment of student learning outcomes comprise the Academic Department. The Academic Coordinator works closely with faculty to enrich course content and teaching methodology to enhance the studentĀ“s learning experience. It supports the faculty members by directly overseeing by serving as a liaison between instructors.
This department also coordinates with faculty so that they recommend appropriate textbooks and other learning materials in order to enrich the quality of the courses. Through the orientation period, the Academic Coordinator conducts the academic portion training and assists professors. It also reviews the program as a whole to strengthen Institutions program in response to marketplace demands. The department also encourages Faculty Academic Freedom in the classrooms. This department also monitors and monitors students who fall under CRM.


To keep better control over the professors who work in NBU, training them and continuous feedback, it will improve the quality of teaching and material to be taught to students with the consequent improvement in the level of education that is taught in school.
Will also be available through the Council of a channel that can generate effective changes where their nonconformities by the students