The Doctoral Degree in Business Administration aims to contribute to the creation, promotion and dissemination of superior knowledge in business administration, and seeks to train graduates capable of producing research, transmitting knowledge through teaching and advisory activities, and / or applying those skills. Knowledge to business management.

Our PhD in Business Administration is designed for executives who wish to apply research-based thinking to business topics.

Our DBA, equivalent to a Ph.D, is more relevant to the needs of the business world and will allow you to use research methods to define, implement and evaluate the problems that affect your organization.


To train teachers and researchers with rigorous methodological and technical training that can produce knowledge in the field of business administration.
Develop lines of research in the theory and practice of business administration; The economic, legal and social context and its impact on business development; The cases and histories of companies and entrepreneurs, the company’s finances, and other related thematic areas.

Incorporate the contributions of other disciplines such as economics, sociology and history that allow to approach the study of the subjects of the business administration from innovative and integral angles.

Promote knowledge produced through activities of academic diffusion, university extension and transfer of knowledge to the community.
Doctoral thesis

The doctorate in the thesis project consists of the presentation and defense of a minimum of 70 pages before an academic committee of NBS that will supervise and evaluate it. The DBA consists of 70 academic credits.

Average duration of 24 months

Profile of the graduate

Contribute to the development of the Administration Sciences.
To carry out or lead research lines that contribute to the solution of problems in line with the socioeconomic realities of the region.
Perform as a consultant at the highest level.