Bachelor in Business Administration

The Bachelor (B.B.A.) is equivalent to a higher four-year career. This program is based on contents of order academic and current adjusting to global objectives so that each student can apply the knowledge acquired on the basis of their curriculum and specialty.

The purpose of the master’s degree is to offer a concentrated, in-depth knowledge of a specialty. Students must prove that they dominate in a practical and effective way the subjects directly related to this specialty. This specialized and practical knowledge are very popular in the world of work, which has provided this level of qualification distance of popular business.

Business Administration is a professional career that consists in studying the way companies acquire and use its resources to meet goals and benefits. It is a discipline linked economic and financial Sciences, as well as accounting and marketing.

A BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration, for its acronym in English) or the equivalent of a Bachelor of Business Administration, is a program that provides a complete university training to young and adult students with talent and motivation.

In universities the academic degree is conferred after obtaining 120 credits, in about four years.

The BBA program is innovative and rigorous; includes advanced modules for specific topics, concentrate business and allows students to become familiar with the basic knowledge and incorporate the latest trends in management.

Simultaneously, the program is designed to develop the skills that managers need in their daily work: leadership, teamwork, social responsibility and multicultural sensitivity, among others.