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Bachelor in Business Administration

The Bachelor (B.B.A.) is equivalent to a higher four-year career. This program is based on contents of order academic and current adjusting to global objectives so that each student can apply the knowledge acquired on the basis of their curriculum and specialty. The purpose of the master’s degree is to…

Master in Business Administration

Adopts an approach to training that integrates knowledge from different disciplines; incorporates new knowledge domain, and it extends the paradigms of approach to the management of organizations. Guiding its proposal of training to the development of skills, from a systemic vision of the modern organization, respond to the demands of…


The Doctoral Degree in Business Administration aims to contribute to the creation, promotion and dissemination of superior knowledge in business administration, and seeks to train graduates capable of producing research, transmitting knowledge through teaching and advisory activities, and / or applying those skills. Knowledge to business management. Our PhD in…

Master in Finance and Economics

This program prepares and forms high-level professionals, able to develop in different sectors, strengthening its experience in areas such as financial advisory, asset management, private banking, management of investment funds, analysts, financial departments, insurance, investments, runners bag, etc. It will provide the student with the versatility in the principles of…

Master in Human Resources

Good management of human resources of a company is a source of efficiency, performance and quality at all levels. This program presents a practical and effective approach to solve the problems of human resources, combining the latest research with theory. It has been designed for the development of knowledge and…

International Trade

The master in international trade, offers economic and managerial analysis for targeted decision-making tools to optimize and streamline the efforts of businesses in international markets. Similarly, it deals with the management at the general level and financial in particular. There is currently a large number of professionals who are working…

Marketing and Advertising

This expertise is the educational choice of graduate school, which emphasizes the strategic marketing efforts more recent and more innovative concepts, which help us to keep in contact with our local clients, and international. In addition, discusses the key issues faced by businesses today as the way to overcome the…

Project Management

The MPM projects, forms specialists with a strong academic Foundation, providing them with the knowledge and tools to manage projects, as well as the managerial skills to run a business. The curricular structure has been developed, taking into account the current needs of the different organizations and the variety of…