Business Dynamics and Employee Motivation

In today’s world, the company has been coated with the category corresponding to the actual human corporations, whose main assets are people, which strive to improve. In line with this, the primary law governing should govern by the priority of people over things.

This means that companies and their actions are crossed by ethical issues; respond turns and orients them. Incidentally, and anthropological reasons easy to perceive, it achieved a remarkable economic return; mainly today, where the base of any commercial relationship is trust, eminently ethical issue. Finally, “equal, ethical conduct promotes corporate health.”

Today it is important to keep the employees in companies as the best asset as the proper development and growth of the company are due to the hard work that individual and team carried out every day when they achieve the sense of belonging.  This should be valued, trained and developed so it can grow not only in their careers within the company, but can also help with business productivity through the projection of better attitudes receipt of the assessment received at all times by the company in which it operates.

When employees are motivated and valued they manage to go further than they ever imagined, which is of great benefit to the corporation in which they are laboring because if they work better, better results are coming from them, and it makes the company with a very good level of productivity.

When factors such as competitiveness, insecurity and stress are common in staff then it begins to raise facts as truancy, low productivity, medical expenses, all these and generate enormous costs for companies. ┬áSo it is important to ensure the benefit of the employee generating confidence in the employment relationship, in this relationship, both parties must act ethically, ensuring compliance with the realization of the right things, under the principles and values’.

Also, we cannot live on one side the importance of health as it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, which is important to support employees that their health is kept completely.

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