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Who We Are

National Business University NBU is a University whose purpose is to educate for a successful business. Aims to teach students to create and run businesses developing creativity, intelligence and will, comprehensive manner; experiences in adapting dimensions: business, personal and social; designed to delve into the different aspects concerning the governance of the organization, administration and planning; directing them to be distinguished professional and recognized nationally and internationally.


Being leaders in the training of professionals recognized for academic excellence in business management.


The faculty of the National Business University has the dual responsibility of participation in the transmission of accumulated wisdom on the one hand and of scholarship and participation in the discovery of new knowledge on the other. The roles are mutually interactive: Teaching and research inform and sustain each other. Faculty should structure their activities to maximize this interaction. In addition, through due service on committees, attendance at faculty meetings, and in other customary ways, faculty members are expected to participate actively in the conduct of the National Business University affairs — the business of the departments, the schools, and the Institution generally.

Faculties are members of a community including students, staff, and faculty colleagues. Members of the National Business University community are expected to deal with each other with respect and consideration.

Teaching responsibilities and specific course assignments are established by the University Head of the Academic Department. In setting teaching responsibilities consideration is given to the faculty member’s engagement in research and other National Business University activities


We are a university that trains professionals; we promote a change in education, with an innovative model for teaching and learning, taught by specialized professors.


Apply the latest technological advances, strengthening to an approved high efficiency for learning, a versatile investment of time and where the professors move their executive experience, with the intention of making our students in Dynamic, Professional, Practical and Highly Trained with skills to face all the challenges of the business world.


  • Passion for excellence.
  • Work as a means to become better people.
  • Good work, care of small details.
  • Broaden horizons, challenge and propose challenges.
  • Personal attention. The satisfaction of accomplishment.

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